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The J-Tizzle is on the Move

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Latest Updates

The JT has recently been on the move.  We were able to shoot him with a tracking device during our recent encounter, so we have spent the last couple of weeks tracking him.  He made it down to Chico and went straight to the local Subway to visit his toothless girlfriend who made him a sandwich.  After seeing his girlfriend, he didn’t spend much time in Chico; he then headed north and zig zagged his way back through Waurika, then Velma, and then he began on a direct line to Little Sahara in Waynoka, OK.  We met up with the JT in the sand and was able to snap a single picture before he disappeared once again.  In the picture shown below, from our analysis, we believe the JT is trying to catch a bird for dinner.

Also, on a lighter note, we met up with Daniels.  He survived the JT attack and was still in the woods at Waurika.  The JT visited him on his way back from Chico and apologized for bashing his head in.  We tried to bring him home, but he said he enjoyed living with the hogs in the woods and would not return home, so we just left and went to Sonic and soon forgot.

Exciting New Evidence

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Latest Updates

Sorry about missing my update for last week.  I was so busy with recovering from what happened on our JT hunt the weekend of February 25th that I was unable to find the time to update the site.  We caught up with the JT and discovered him lounging in his newest shelter, and we were able to snap a picture before the fight began. Pictures of the hunt are shown below.

The hunting party consisted of Jakee, Gil, Daniels, and I, but this proofed to be not enough.  After taking our pictures, the Jt spotted us and grabbed his rifle first, but was unable to figure out how to fire it.  By this time, we had drawn our rifles and began to fire, but the .22 rounds bounced off the hairy JT.  As the JT began to laugh, he grabbed the rifle and bashed Daniel’s head in with the butt of the stock.  After the JT beat us pretty badly, he ran off into the woods once again.  We went to get Daniels’ beaten body, but the hogs had already drug it off so we had to leave without him.  We were going to go back to find Daniels, but we got sidetracked at Sonic and totally forgot.

Gil and Jakee                                                                 The JT