New Evidence Found

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Latest Updates

This beer keg stolen by The JT was found just a few short miles from his abondoned shelter.  Jakee and Daniels discovered their beer keg was stolen last Saturday night after a long night of binge drinking.  They immediately began their search and discovered their keg early this morning with JT prints and scat all around it.  After six long frustrating days in the woods hunting for their beloved beer keg, they began their own search and destroy mission to find the JT and are still in the woods searching as we speak.

  1. Hollie Sasquatch says:

    oh no poor keg!!!!!!!! i just see that keg and i know a sas has been there :O a little baby sas

  2. jucey sas says:

    ohh i love a baby sas in the morning!!!!!!!!

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